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What is Bethseth?

Bethseth, Intl. is the proper name of The Household of Seth, Sethian School of Gnosis, and is the domain of the official Web site ministry thereof.

What does Bethseth mean?

Our name is derived from two ancient Canaanite & Egyptian words, respectively:

Canaanite Beth {bayith} [a house (espec. family, tribe, race)]
Egyptian Seth {set} or {sutah} [lit. set/appointed; by impl. holy]

Passing from one language of sojourn to another, these words were ultimately transliterated into the Greek & subsequent Coptic script, styled as:

Coptic Beth Seth

Born out of this Hellenization, "BETH SETH" is thus our name, written in modern, Latin letters, befitting what most of our members read/speak today – English. Migrating unadulterated thru the ages, it is therefore no coincidence that the meaning ascribed by the ancient Israelite priests to the true name of the great God & Patriarch Set (whom they called Sheth) should, in this present tongue, be rightly translated as set. [See: What word has the most definitions?]

When "set" together, these two words mean:

[literally set house; by implication holy family; properly household of Seth]

Why are you called The Household of Seth?

Firstly, we are so-called "The Household of Seth" because we profess to be the lineal descendants of the historical Seth, the patriarch of our family in the Earth.

Secondly, we're so-called because we acknowledge that each individual member of our house is born equipped with an earthly house (i.e. body), housing the heavenly or holy spark of divine personal intelligence (commonly known as spirit/soul).

Finally, because we are the legitimate heirs to and intellectual subscribers of the classic Gnostic tradition & school of thought, most commonly labeled "Sethian" by modern scholars, it is most appropriate to call our selves: The Household of Seth.

Who is Seth?

The individual called Seth (Set, Sheth, Sutekh, Sutah, &c.) was an ancient historical figure, acknowledged as a patriarch, worshipped as a God, representative of a people, and venerated as a savior. In recorded history, Seth makes an early appearance in Ancient Egypt, where he was worshiped as a God. The priests of Annu (Hebrew On, Greek Heliopolis) taught that Set, the son of heaven & earth, was the son of Atum. Later, the people known as Hyksos invaded Lower Egypt from the East and acknowledged Set as their Father and principal deity. They, becoming heavily Egyptianized, established the cult of Set, at their capital city of Avaris, which continued for several 100 years, even after the Hyksos were driven back Eastward into Canaan & out of Egypt by King Ahmose I. Still later, in Canaan, the priests of a people calling themselves Israel, having a tradition of being led out of Egypt by a figure named Moshe (Greek Moses), acknowledged Seth as their Father, son of Adam, in the image of God (thus distinguishing themselves from the indigenous Cainites, Edomites, &c.). Furthermore, these Israel people had a tradition of a hero named Zaphenath-paneah (Hebrew Joseph) fathering their most renown tribes (Ephraim & Manasseh) thru the marital union with one Asenath the daughter of Poti-pherah, priest of On. After a series of Assyrian invasions, this nation of Israel was broken, and their written traditions were collected & amalgamated with those of a Southern, more indigenous people, known then as Judah. Subsequent Babylonian, Persian and Greek invasions & influences ultimately lead to these literary works being translated into Greek (i.e. LXX/Septuagint), aiding the Syrian, Egyptian, Israelite & Greek nations of the Greater Dispersion of the Household of Seth to rediscover their hidden inheritance (i.e. the Mysteries). It was these people (on account of their schools of knowledge) who, by the rising Christian Orthodoxy of their time, were labeled "heretics" & "gnostics", and it was these gnostics (of Nag Hammadi fame) who, most prominently and pointedly, founded the Sethian schools, identifying Seth as God, Father & Savior of the heavenly race.

This is a listing of some common epitaphs for Seth:

[The Ruddy Lord; The Son of Man; In the Image of God; The Seed of the Woman/Woman's Seed; An Other Race (Greek Allogenes); The Father of the Living and Unshakable Race; You Have Saved; The Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sin of the World; Perfect; Father; Who is in Heaven; Holy]

What do you believe?

As genuine "gnostics", we practice personal manifestation of knowledge & individual discernment of truth, and as such, do not place much emphasis or faith in belief or belief-systems. Indeed, we "believe" in not cataloging our beliefs in rigid fashion, seeing as beliefs are and ought to be subject to change, making room for knowledge (Greek gnosis). Furthermore, we are compelled out of great respect to the sanctity of the Mysteries, to not divulge in plain terms (but rather in parable), wishing all those with the ears to hear should reap the revelation of the fruits of their own labor, in due season.

Nevertheless, for all to meditate and in the hope of mutual communion, the custodians of this ministry are happy to offer these basic logia:

This is a listing of suggested reading:

Do you have a calendar of events?

Members of The Household of Seth follow differing calendars and recognize various holidays. That being said, the custodians of are happy to first publish this Web site and its contents into the World Wide Web on this great Day of Jeroboam, Friday even, October 22, 2010.

On this Day of Jeroboam (Tuesday even, October 11, 2011) we're celebrating the one-year anniversary of our Ministry by introducing May this Internet domain serve in publishing the much-needed truth for many years to come.

On this Day of Jeroboam (Sunday even, September 30, 2012) we're celebrating the two-year anniversary of our Ministry, in the which was overseen the rise of the Household of Bosheth.

"Hail to Thee, O Son of Atum:
O Son of Adam, Hail to Thee."

On this great Day of Jeroboam (Saturday even, October 19, 2013) we're celebrating the three-year anniversary of our Ministry, in the which was organized The Abel Chapel, which is The Church of Jesus Christ, Gnostic (CJCG).

E'er 'fore Cain or Abel—
Rechab, Is-boseth;
Ere Boseth for Bel—
Bel, Seth!

On this Day of Jeroboam (Wednesday even, October 8, 2014) we're celebrating the four-year anniversary of our Ministry.

(To be adopted & amended as seen fit.)

[Renunciation (of the Devil) & Prayer of Absolution.]

IN KNOWING Abel and Boseth,
Let us reappropriate this Epitaph and Epithet,
And thus reembrace Ab-El and Bel-Seth.
O Father, make the former Vain; O Lord, take the former Shame,
That these Tokens wherewith they first cursed us, thus curse now their Name,
As we, by thy Grace O God, renounce that Oath, and Mark, and Name of Yave-Cain.

[Baptism (by Holy Fire) & Recitation of the Holy Names of the Gods.]

In the Name of OUR FATHER,
And of THE LORD,
And of GOD:


... In the name of the ONE unnameable. Amen.

On this great Day of Jeroboam (Tuesday even, October 27, 2015) we're celebrating the five-year anniversary of the Restoration of the House of Baal-Seth, and the seventy-year anniversary of the Great Dualist-Gnostic Revival, in the which introductory teaching materials were providentially written & disseminated to the Saints.

Septuagennial of Neo-Gnosticism
and Dualist Neo-Sethianism
in Augural Consummation
of the New World Order

Be thou ware of thy Self.

Be thou kind to thy Kind.

May the New Age Revival of Sethian Gnosis,
And the Fatherhood of Holy-Seth, ALLOGENES,
Light upon you all through the darkness and tumult ahead...
For only the Light of Truth Within may set you free;

And may God—ELAHH—upon us all, show mercy.

On this Day of Jeroboam (Saturday even, October 15, 2016) we're celebrating the six-year anniversary of our Ministry.

On this Day of Jeroboam (Wednesday even, October 4, 2017) we're celebrating the seven-year anniversary of our Ministry.

Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning.

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